Halaal-Halal Companies, Products & Certifications

Halaal-Halal Companies, Products & Certifications

Halaal-Halal Companies, Products & Certifications


Halaal-Halal Companies, Products & Certifications are growing in numbers globally by the day. There are more and more products and companies certified to take a share of the growing halal market.

This website is to serve as a global directory of halaal or halal companies to network, present themselves and their products. Halal certifications are done to ensure there are certain levels of compliance met to ensure that the products presented by companies adhere to the principles and recommendations of our belief.

Halaal or Halal products are products which have been prepared in accordance with Muslim tradition or do not contain substances which are forbidden to Muslims to consume.

The forbidden or haraam (haram) pertains mainly to products derived from pork or to production processes which may alter the true nature of permissible products to render them impermissible. Some of these production processes may in some cases also render some of the forbidden substances used in end products to be allowed to consume since it has changed its chemical structure.

Muslims must also ensure that all foods (particularly processed foods), as well as non-food items like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, are halal. Frequently, these products contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permissible for Muslims to eat or use on their bodies. Foods that are not considered halal for Muslims to consume include blood and intoxicants such as alcoholic beverages.

These and other subjects will be discussed and explained by experts in the field who will help the Muslim consumer make the right choices and stay away from forbidden and shady products.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce estimates Halal foods consumer purchases global industry value of USD $1.1 trillion in 2013 accounting for 16.6 per cent of the global food and beverage market with an annual growth of 6.9 percent. Growth regions include Indonesia ($197 million market value in 2012) and Turkey ($100 million). The European Union market for halal food has an estimated annual growth of around 15 percent worth an estimated $30 billion USD.

Halal Market Facts (USA):

  • The total global Muslim population is 1.6 billion, around 25% of the world’s population today. It’s expected to be nearly 50% of world population by 2050 if current growth rate continues.
  • The global Shariah-compliant producyt market is more than $2 trillion annually.
  • The Halal food market is approximately $632 billion or 16% of the global food industry.
  • The Islamic finance market is estimated at $1 trillion.
  • US Muslims will go from1% of the nation to 1.7% of the National population by 2030.
  • US Muslims alone have a buying power of around $200 billion or $25,000 per capita.
  • Packaged Facts estimates that sales of certified kosher foods swelled from nearly $150 billion in 2003 to more than $200 billion in 2008. Muslims account for 16% of the Kosher market because of limited halal products available locally.
  • Nestle is one of the largest halal food manufacturers with halal sales of more than $5 billion. 75 out of 481 Nestle factories produce halal food worldwide
  • Source: ushalalassociation.org