HALAL DINING || Big Moe’s ep.1

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Welcome to the first episode of Halal Dining in which we review Big Moe’s, an American style diner in Beckton, London. Our guest is Mohamed from Holland.

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Big Moe’s Diner
3 Jenkins Ln
IG11 0AD

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  1. TheRipper says:

    6:01 Whahahahahahahahahahahahaghagha

  2. Game Fighter says:

    What's wrong with this guy's eye. Kinda made me wanna puke.

  3. Mumtaz Omar says:

    Spice Village

  4. SeekerOfTruths says:

    Janna isn't meant to be taken metaphorically. Not literally

  5. Nathan Stewart says:

    hope u choke on ur dumb halal crap

  6. Itz Just Baanta says:

    Haha mashallah this channels went from dawah to Islamic convo to eating chellenge ????

  7. B15SDMDESIGNS says:

    Ribs are pretty much purely fat and sauce, there's hardly any meat on them. That's why I just go straight to the steaks.

  8. StraightFactsBlue says:

    Big Moe's one of the most disgusting places, I've ever been.. First time made me sick, gave it a second chance and had to just walk out.. Food looks nice but it taste like tutti for real..

  9. Dr Panda says:

    halal is evil

  10. Kristin Kitti says:

    Thank you for your opinion opinions dear. #peaceloveandhappiness Spread Love xoxoxoxo

  11. CrazyApril says:

    what is wrong with the brother from Holland eyes,can he see or is he blind? how was he looking at the menue then? I hope Allah cures his eyes anyways

  12. Sosa says:

    Brother from the movie captain Phillips

  13. Mohsin Saleh says:

    Theres no man like mellow

  14. overcometv says:

    Masha'Allah, those meat ribs looked good. I also don't mind the extra fries. I love fries. :)

  15. Serajul says:

    I think ull c the live movie in the day of judgement

  16. Usman Mukhtar says:

    salaam alaikum , erm I might be a bit late to comment however I went to the restaurant the other day and a burger had bacon in it therefore this restaurant is not fully halal but correct me if I'm wrong.

  17. Human First says:

    the Somali brother should wear shades

  18. zee Ali says:

    Assalamu alaikum Akhi, can I dine with you next time ?

  19. True Entertainment says:

    I have some weird requist when I died and insha Allah i come into heaven, I would love to keep an angel company, The angel of hell gate, I would ask Allah protection from the hellfire and keep the angel company….as a child. it is so weird but I would like to be a child again in heaven and and keep the angel company or ask allah to make it bareable for the angel . The angel never laughs or have greated The Prophet Muhammed.

  20. Saboor Khan says:

    You brothers chew like cattle grazing! Not a good look for the channel. However reminders on point ??

  21. Umm Rumaisa K says:

    I didn't even know dat dis channel existed until now lol

  22. Shahreen Sultana says:

    Big Moes is halal?

  23. Staar says:

    Omg Ali I would ask Allah exactly the same thing? #twins

  24. Umm Maryam says:

    Loved when you spoke about Jannah and what you'd ask Allah for. Allahumma baarik. May Allah grant us all Jannah. Ameen

  25. Solomon Tetteh says:

    I ordered the Diner-mite Burger. I had to share with my brother coz it's that massive.

  26. mustafaa shaheed says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum, you brothers are fun to watch

  27. Maymun Hashim says:

    first thing i'd do in Jannah would be to ask to speak to like all the Prophets and Muhammad Ali and Marmaduke pikthall etc etc lol

  28. Rome_05 says:

    Bro, I got seriously hungry just from watching this. LOL