The Halal Guys ♥ NYC Street Food ♥ Review Lamb & Chicken Platter

The Halal Guys ♥ NYC Street Food ♥ Review Lamb & Chicken Platter

The Halal Guys –

I had the chance to try The Halal Guys food while on a YouTube Collaboration Tour in New York City. I vlogged on this trip if you wanted to check it out…
Ken’s Vlog #93 – Early Flight, Lost Luggage, NYC Day 1, Meet up in Central Park –

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Company Information…

The Halal Guys (commonly known as Chicken and Rice, 53rd and 6th, or Platters) is a halal gyros food cart on the south-east corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The franchise also has a cart on the south-west corner of the same intersection during weekdays from 7pm-4am and weekends until 5am. New locations are being added throughout New York, including a storefront on 14th St and 2nd Ave.

The cart is most recognized by its primary dish which is a platter of chicken and/or gyro meat with rice while it also serves a chicken and/or gyro wrap. The cart opens from 7:00 pm, and does not close until 4 am.

The Halal Guys was founded in 1990 by Mohamed Abouelenein, from Egypt,[5] as a cart located on 53rd and 6th. The cart began as a hot dog vendor, however Abouelenein believed that the hot dog was not a satisfying meal and switched to the current menu of chicken, gyro meat, rice, and pita in 1992.

The cart has caused a decline in the popularity of hot dog vendors in New York City and has influenced many imitation carts. A cart known as New York’s Best Halal Food also located on 53rd and 6th next on the SW corner, weekdays until 7pm. It is unknown which cart was located at the intersection first. ‘New York’s Best Halal Food’ also has a strong following and long line of lunchtime patrons. They wear similar attire (bright yellow shirts) and serve the same type of food though the texture, taste, and freshness is slightly different.

The main cart is located on 53rd and 6th Ave during weekday evenings (7pm-4am) and weekends, across from the Hilton Hotel.

A second cart is located across the street from the original cart, on the south-east corner of 6th Avenue and 53rd Street and is open both during the daytime and at night.

A third cart exists on the south-west corner of 53rd Street and 7th Avenue, and begins serving food at lunch time.

In November 2013, The Halal Guys announced its intentions to open a restaurant located on 14th St. and 2nd Ave. according to general manager Hesham Hegazy.

The cart serves platters and sandwiches. The platter includes meat (chicken, gyro lamb or both), rice, iceberg lettuce (or, instead, extra rice), and slices of pita bread. The sandwich serves the same ingredients wrap in pita bread instead. The third, infrequently ordered, menu option is a platter that does not include rice.

White sauce
The Halal Guys serve a unique white condiment which patrons cite as a favorite. Operators of the stand maintain it is not mayonnaise, but have admitted that it may contain mayonnaise in some part as well as yogurt.



  1. admin says:

    Looks good to me…

  2. Amy Liu says:

    Plain white sauce makes your teeth go grey

  3. ALEX MCFEE says:

    Best food eva yum 

  4. egy tv says:

    halal food is so delicious

  5. Eva Kenaj says:

    he said faleminderit when he gave the bag of food to you thats albanian for thank you

  6. santino anthonyz says:

    This bum ass nigga not eating it right and went to a shitty truck

  7. YusefTcgGaming101 says:

    I farted during watching this video

  8. heygirl27 says:

    Ken u just don't know anything

  9. MANKIND says:

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Dennisha Adams says:

    Trust the food is amazing ❤❤

  11. Simply-Abstract says:

    Something about this video does it more for me than almost any other ya got Mr Ken. I think it's just the environment and the moist weather. x3 Just the right time to have THAT kind of meal. slurrrrrrrp

  12. Shareef Taylor says:

    White sauce: Mayonnaise, cucumber salad dressing, sour cream and a dash of parsley. Goes on every thing not just salad. Red sauce is hot, not very vinegary. goes on the meat if you like it hot. The taste is slamming. I'm in Jersey, close, but not close enough.

  13. Hassan Khan says:

    Had the Halal Guys so much sick of it. LOL NYC problems.

  14. Dreamy Memeys says:

    is 911 going on in the background Jesus Christ the sirens are hella loud

  15. Anwar Ali (khan86) says:

    freedom for all religion and nation i respect US government and nation

  16. Eko Pudjianto says:

    nice videos tumb up sir

  17. Hanz smith says:

    You're actually in midtown Manhatten 53rd and 6th ave

  18. skollbrod says:

    Isn't the "white sauce" actually garlic sauce?

  19. Rishard Sadikeen says:

    enjoy well brother i feel sad u on struggling to sit on a place there

  20. Khaled Alshaikh says:

    4 + 2 = 8
    great maths right there ken XD

  21. ごりクソガキちゃん says:


  22. KidBehindACamera a says:

    what's lamb goat or sheep

  23. Moutasem Yasin says:

    its seems delicious. I will test it next time :)

  24. techtwelve says:

    You and Paul should do a Cook & Review of this!!!!!!

  25. Scott9082 says:

    I love Arab food and I've tried Halal guys a lot, I recommend you all try if you visit NYC, any halal place is good but these guys are the best. PS, that white sauce is a secret sauce they made.

  26. Fgf Ghg says:

    Arabs guys I have heard a lot about how amazing is their white sauce , is not like our Arabian garlic sauce ?

  27. Adam Kyriacou says:

    For some reason I hate this man…and for that I hope he gets hit by a city bus.

  28. a646 beb says:

    vidéo trés intéressante bon boulot!