Why Halal-Grade Meat Is More Humane And Better Tasting

Why Halal-Grade Meat Is More Humane And Better Tasting

What is halal meat? On this episode of Cooking in America, host Pelin Keskin visits Honest Chops, a Halal butcher shop in New York’s East Village, and the team’s new restaurant concept called Burgers by Honest Chops, to learn about the preparation behind halal-grade meat, and the ways it aligns with many modern consumer’s concerns.

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  1. Erika Woollett-Chiba says:

    this is not humane. an animal still had to be murdered. it's life had to be brutally ended because someone wanted a hamburger

  2. RubbinRobbin says:

    I used to make halal burgers fresh too straight from the leg grounded just before served, it was the best burger i have ever eaten. The business didn't sell a lot though so they had to kill the burger because of the stigma that halal gets in america.

  3. mat Desel 42101010 says:

    muslim cannot to eat pork because God explained in Al- quran..he said a pig has bacteria in their body n could not die while boil or cooking the bacteria stay alive n who eating the pork can getting problem of healty n God created the pig only to test human whether they follow his order or not…

  4. mat Desel 42101010 says:

    In Malaysia we as muslim always take care n alert with our foods it is halal or non halal.

  5. mat Desel 42101010 says:

    Nick wilson it is up to u…honestly I say to u…halal meat so tasty n I think u never have try it halal meat..try it ok then definitely..

  6. mat Desel 42101010 says:


  7. Kingmanification says:

    the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
    Verily Allah has prescribed ihsan (proficiency, perfection) in all things. So if you kill then kill well; and if you slaughter, then slaughter well. Let each one of you sharpen his blade and let him spare suffering to the animal he slaughters.” [Muslim]

    the Prophet prayer and peace of Allah be upon him said: “There is no human who kills anything from the size of a small bird and bigger without any right, except he will be asked about it in the day of Resurrection, he was asked: O Messenger of Allah, what is this right? He replied, “Its right is to slaughter it and eat it, not cut off its head and throw it”.

  8. NOMATA WOT says:

    Halal is not a grade it is brutal and pointlessly cruel and does not reduce suffering but causes it you idiots

  9. Lord Lazy says:

    Not as good as FUNG BROS!

  10. jenan savanath says:

    I'll eat here as long as they also serve pork

  11. AnimatedsitcomclipsHD says:

    I've come here today to say that halal meat is barbaric and should be band in all western countries. I don't come to your country and try and change your laws and food, so why the fuck should you tell me that shitty halal is better than my British local butcher?

  12. AnimatedsitcomclipsHD says:

    That is the most stupid thing I've ever read on YouTube! No blood Is in the meat? Are you stupid? What does that even mean! You don't even deserve a decent reply.

  13. Azuan Salim says:

    I'm hungry now..

  14. Hattie M. Sanchez says:

    There is NO humane meat

  15. Hattie M. Sanchez says:

    This made me cry this is not humane at all it's murder

  16. AnimatedsitcomclipsHD says:

    Oh yeh, there is no blood in meat. That makes sense. Ok then have a nice day

  17. Naum Rusomarov says:

    Bullshit. Dislike.

  18. Mature Hippo says:

    Bullshit halal kills the animal quickly. They ONLY slice the jugular so the animals slowly bleed out. Takes about 30 seconds to lose consciousness.

  19. makemelikeu says:

    To those who dont know. The concept of halal is the same as the concept of kosher applied by the jewish and as a Muslim, if im aborad, if i cant find any halal meat, ill just find any kosher shops! :)

  20. Ana Jelic says:

    There is no humane way to kill someone who does not want to die. #goveg

  21. Manusia Games says:

    yeah halal! Halal for islam only

  22. hamza brown says:

    I rather have KFC

  23. Jim Russell says:

    Educate yourself with the real preparation of halal meat before you buy any of what this man is saying. Research will tell you that through the ritual of inhumane halal slaughter the animal is made to feel the most pain, a barbaric practise of the muslim people and very heartbreaking to watch. This man is blinded by his culture and a fraud in a true sense of the word.

  24. David Martin says:

    Personally I feel that captive bolt dispatch is more humane than using a knife.
    Unfortunately most places that use captive bolt are also the least humane for other reasons.

  25. Kai Vaughn says:

    It's so ridiculous that even though we have better ways to slaughter animals that they don't use them because of tradition. If the idea is to cause as little pain as possible then use modern technology to do so. Or admit you're not really following the intent.

  26. Jason Musk says:

    What a brutal culture.

  27. Hung Tran says:

    FACT: Slaughter without stunning is ban in Nordic countries n Switzerland !

  28. Rani . india waley dogs Mehal says:

    ALLAH HUAKBAR halal is better than no muslim foods halaal has excellent taste

  29. Steven Peter says:

    I like the way it brushes over the slaughter of the animal and doesn't actually show you in the video, this is because it isn't how he says it is and they know it, they know it's barbaric rather than humane.