1. hudson steele says:

    Wow! So many foods! I hope to be more aware, as I never want to eat ANYTHING that is sacrificed to a false god, nor fit by his imaginary standards.

  2. Dire Wolf says:

    Exact same with the kosher scam. Time to feed Moshie to Abdul, then feed Abdul to the pigs

  3. R M says:

    Just except it, as you are already doing….the West is dying.
    Each and everyone of the Western countries are run by weak men.

  4. R M says:

    Sorry Germany is run by a weak woman…..

  5. Lyn R says:

    Good on you everyone for educating the public. We have to fight Sharia Law, in anyway we can. I have to admit, it is easy to forget to look for the Halah notice. I haven't shopped for near two years and I purchased Cadbury's at Easter, because not being fully mobile, it was easiest in Woollies and I didn't think.

  6. cdawson198600 says:

    I'll not buy terrorist food, I'll keep my bacon. I'll carry some bacon grease in a spray bottle if I'm attacked by one legend says if you spray em with it they melt.

  7. jack meoff says:

    Fuck anything to do with
    Islam or as I call it Shitlam

  8. Robert M Wright says:

    @53 seconds
    is that 32 dollars for a 12 pack of coke ?
    like 4 bucks in usa

  9. Amun Ra says:

    Super example of bigotry. Halal food is nothing but a stamp to assure Muslim buyer the food does not contain any Alcohol or pork, blood, dead animals, animals killed in brutal way.
    How it's funding terrorism? Are you people insane? I just saw khoser sign on the food, Does it means those food's help the Zionist country Israel? No! That's a label for Jews assuring the food is okay for Jewish law and tradition. What kind of nonsense is this? How many times minorities will suffer and die for your ignorance.

  10. Louis van Eijk says:

    Halal food belongs, together with the koran and the whole islam, in the garbage can. It's the only way to save the world

  11. Richard Driskill says:

    Britain First! Go! Kick the Muslim invaders out!

  12. Evil Shred says:

    oh the money goes to ur Zionist masters u stupid ass goyims.
    dare not speak of kosher food or others. for example McDonald's is the front junk yard for funding Israel. and later on goes for ISIS ( the israeli Jewish movement that wears the mask of islam but mysteriously never attacks israel for some reason. but in fact they exclusively kill muzlims instead. read about the Protocols of Zion. educate ur self about the greater israel plan.
    the land which will be built over the blood of Christians vs Muslims.
    wake up

  13. dbltrplx says:

    Muslims can eat shit and die.

  14. dbltrplx says:

    Muslim niggers will NEVER rule the world.
    What they WILL do is supply the world with enough fertilizer to feed all the pig farmers in the world.

  15. John Doe says:

    Don't forget that the jews do the same crap with their kosher shit.

  16. john pierre says:

    Cadbury buys filthy halal slaughter certification? I've had my last ever Cadbury's chocolate then. I will take this VERY SERIOUSLY.

  17. john pierre says:

    Cadbury buys filthy halal slaughter certification? I've had my last ever Cadbury's chocolate then. I will take this VERY SERIOUSLY.

  18. ddavel5441 says:

    Haribo !….. FUCK ISLAM!!

  19. suhail malek says:

    have you askef your goverment when they take weapons to middle east in war zone why half of they weapon gets missing because your goverment supply weapins to terorrist group please do your research on that as well thankyou

  20. Gangd0ge says:

    I know there's a lot of things wrong with Islam.
    But bothering the innocent ones with what food they eat?
    Come on guys…

  21. DRAGO1DON says:

    saw you Guys are admitting that all big companies are funding terrorism. Not the Muslims. About time the truth came out. tnx for this video. plz pass this message.

  22. mokugin81 says:

    I'm sticking to pork. it's not halal and it's not kosher. also pig meat taste much better when it's Ham, parma Ham, gammon and meatballs

  23. P.M. says:

    i didnt realize this was such a big fucking deal. now i have even more shit i need to be carefull not to buy.

  24. Alvin Wine says:

    cut the money off choke them bastards to death

  25. Landon Warsmith says:

    Keep the East OUT of the West!

  26. Marc Baker says:

    I like halal bacon

  27. Biggerbadwolf says:

    I'm not against any religion but I do enjoy a nice bit of gammon washed down with a nice wine on a Friday evening.

  28. adamthestimator says:

    Wait! I could READ the signs in Wales!