Unforgettable Kimono Experience in Nara! Full Coverage of “Waplus Nara”

Unforgettable Kimono Experience in Nara! Full Coverage of “Waplus Nara”

Recommended Muslim-Friendly Kimono Experience at Waplus Nara!

Nara is one of popular travel spot that attract many travelers every year, that can be reached less than 1 hour by train from Kyoto and Osaka.

Speaking about Nara, “historical depth” is its special fascination.

There are some ancient and historical sites such as the oldest “Horyuji Temple”, the biggest “Todaiji Temple” that only can be found here in Nara.

Daibutsu or great statue of Buddha in Nara

Besides of temples, there are numbers of deer in Nara park which is rarely being found in another place. That’s why this place is becoming so popular as a sightseeing spot and attract tourists, especially from abroad, to come to visit Nara.

Nara Park

Want to Fully Enjoy Nara? Try its “Kimono Experience”!


There is something missing if not wearing suitable dress (read : Japan traditional dress) while having a walk in the ancient city, Nara, so let’s try Japan traditional dress, kimono at “Waplus Nara”.
Waplus Nara is located just 2 min walk from Nara Station. Its best location gives tourists an easy access to stop by before goes straight to sightseeing spots.

From Kimono Rental to Cultural Experiences

Different from other kimono rental shop, Waplus Nara not only serves kimono rental but also serves Japanese cultural experiences. Waplus Nara is a suitable shop for those who want to learn about Japanese cultures deeply.

Kimono Rental (start from 3,500 yen~)

Here we can choose two courses, those are “photoshoot course” or “on the town course “.
In photoshoot course, we can wear kimono then take photos freely in photo studio available in the shop.

Besides of kimono, we can try another costume such as samurai (5,000 yen) and princess (14,000 yen)! Get change and get it photoshoot!

photo shoot in samurai costume
photo shoot in princess costume

Those who had try kimono before, maybe it’s time to challenge for samurai or princess costume!

While in “on the town course”、we can have a walk, do sightseeing in Nara while wearing kimono.


Todaiji temple and Nara park mentioned above is nearby Waplus Nara and within range of “on town course”, so wear kimono and have a nice sightseeing there!

Other than that, there are mochi (rice cake) shop「Nakatanidou」, 「Nara Machi Mitsui」 where we can have tempura udon experience, and many more recommended places!
All are muslim-friendly shops, here Muslims can enjoy the trip tremendously.

Mochi or rice cake at Nakatanidou

And the good news is,
If you say “I know from Halal Media Japan” when you make a reservation for kimono rental, you will get Nakatanidou’s mochi as present! So don’t forget to say the words!

Cultural Experience

As mentioned in the beginning, we can have cultural experience here in Waplus Nara.
As we heard that the most popular one is kimono lesson and matcha experience, so we give it try by ourselves!
Please take a look on video below!

These experiences are highly-recommended for those who want to know more about Japanese culture.

※For cultural experiences, please make a reservation in advance(Click here for reservation

Other than services we introduce here, Waplus Nara add new occasional courses at any time. For detail, please check WEBSITE and Facebook page.

Hospitality (omotenashi) for Muslim guests

Waplus Nara is completely muslim friendly. We can pray there as they have pray space, they also have hijab rental and sell hijab too!

Hijab made from kimono
Pray rug is also set

Moreover, Website is available in English and shop’s staffs can speak English too!

Muslim reporters with Waplus Nara staffs

If you get a chance to visit Nara, please stop by at Waplus Nara and have a great trip experience!

Waplus Nara

Kyo-roman Bldg 2F 6-4 Aburasakajikata-cho, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture
Year-end and new year

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