Three options for pray in Yokohama

Three options for pray in Yokohama

Three options for pray in Yokohama!

Yokohama is known as one of international city in Japan, that attract people from traveler, foreign students, until business man to visit.
However, despite of many Muslims living there, pray space is still limited, but here, we will introduce you three places to pray in Yokohama!

Masjid Ja’me Yokohama (Yokohama mosque)

Yokohama mosque is mainly used by Muslims living in Yokohama. As Islamic festival or celebration are often being held there, on that time many Muslims will gather together at the mosque.
About Eid Fitr (celebration after Ramadhan/fasting month) at Yokohama mosque here

Yokohama World Porters

Yokohama World Porters located at Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 Shinko District, is a spaciously constructed building with various of stores, from fashion, interior etc that reach distinctly about 210 stores. Restaurant, cinema, until amusement is exhaustively complete. Its location that close to the sea make Yokohama World Porters not only known as shopping mall, but also known as sightseeing spot and walking course.
Article about Yokohama World Porters here

Karaoke Manekineko Yokohama Totsuka branch

Inside of Manekineko
Some branches Karaoke Manekineko have pray space complete with pray mat (sajadah) where Muslim can use it to pray freely without any charge. They also serve halal foods and snacks (subject to fees) .
Article about Muslim-friendly Karaoke Manekinekohere

Besides, we also able to pray in empty room at Yokohama Minato museum (Japan ship Nihonmaru) or Shinyokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.

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