Businesses are finally starting to recognize the importance of Advertising and Marketing to Muslims in the Digital Age. Muslim consumers make up for approximately 25% of the world population and the Halal food industry alone represents 16%, or $632 Billion of the global food market each year. Adding Halal fashion, finance, and travel into the equation leaves a largely untapped market all over the world.

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MLE Connect, an event catered to the networking and advancement of Muslim Businesses and Professionals, was held in London last week and the lineup of experts was astounding and the amount of ground breaking knowledge shared can change the way businesses market to Muslims and the impact they have on the world.

To name a few, Shelina Janmohamed, the VP of the Islamic branding agency Ogilvy Noor, introduced attendees to the Muslim Futurist, followed by Navid Akhtar, the CEO of Alchemiya, who introduced the ‘World of Global Urban Muslims’. Na’eem Raza, the fundraising director of The Human Appeal discusses how to gain a competitive edge in the market by serving, rather than focusing on earning.

Amongst the speakers was our very own Tabish Hasan, the CEO of MAN, who was invited to host a seminar on how businesses can reach the Muslim market while experiencing exponential growth in the Digital Age. Tabish was featured in a write up by The Guardian and The Maven, who both highlighted his key and transformational notes on why businesses are missing out when it comes to marketing to Muslims, and exactly how they tap into the market with targeted advertising and a solid, but flexible strategy.


In his presentation, Tabish answered questions that many businesses often ask themselves at many phases: Startup, a new product launch, or a decision to reposition the business into a new market. Whatever the reason may be, the fact that remains the same is that a great product can never be sold without great advertising. Without a marketing strategy, or a plan, you plan to fail.

Whatever stage in business your company may be at, it is important that you have a great understanding of the market, your target audience and how exactly you are going to position yourself in your chosen market, and reach your intended audience. To help with this, we have prepared a mini lesson from the seminar, ‘Marketing and Advertising to Muslims in the Digital Age’.

What is Marketing and Advertising?

Marketing is considered any method or tactic that gets a product or service prepared for introduction into a marketplace and can accomplish a few goals: increasing brand awareness and making influencer connections to strengthen the impact of word of mouth.

A successful marketing plan can be formulated by first finding an audience, identifying who the customer is, and turning a prospective buyer into a loyal and returning customer. A successful Marketing campaign includes developing a strategy, market research, advertising, public relations, pricing and packaging.

Advertising, a form of communication designed to introduce and make known a product or service to the marketplace, is a crucial component that can help determine the success of a marketing campaign. This communication allows businesses to spread the word about their product or service and can be achieved using a variety of mediums such as Ad placement and frequency.

Why is Marketing to Muslims Important?

Marketing to Muslims is a huge opportunity, and with the rapid growth of the Muslim population and the steady rise of the spending power of Muslim consumers, business survival and growth depends on it. To ignore the Muslim consumer could mean a devastating loss of revenue and a limited range of success.

Muslims are an ideal demographic for brands since they are typically more educated, have a disposable income and are young and digitally savvy professionals. When a Muslim consumer finds a brand who caters to them, they tend to stay loyal to that brand, thus increasing that customer’s lifetime value.

How to Market and Advertise in the Digital Age?

Marketing and advertising can be done using a variety of mediums, and doing so digitally allows for many possibilities to creatively reach your target audience within any budget range. Organic results can be increased by actively engaging with your target audience using social media and a blog, while paid techniques can expand reach much further. All of the mainstream social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all have the option to promote and boost posts or tweets. There is also an option to create a targeted campaign in order to maximize results.

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Having a blog for your business opens up the opportunity for content, email and affiliate marketing, and pay per click advertising can expand the reach of any campaign through one medium and multiple websites, which is an example of the type of service MAN offers.

The goal is to identify the optimal target market and where they spend a majority of their time online which will allow for the most reach and more targeted and effective campaigns.

Advertising to Muslims

Muslims are increasingly becoming more technologically savvy, which means that young Muslims spend a majority of their time online for education, profession and connecting with others. Advertising to Muslims can be done effectively by seeking opportunities with Islamic websites, engaging with them on their preferred social platforms by creating captivating and beneficial content, as well as allowing them an opportunity to connect with the brand through blog articles, free downloadable content and email newsletters.

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This can be done by following the Six Step Formula to Success:

  1. Focus on strategic goals
  2. Define your audience
  3. Find out where they spend their time
  4. Choose a platform to start with, get comfortable with it and make it work for you.
  5. Expand and experiment from there,
  6. Be willing to modify your strategy and channels based on what works and what doesn’t.

Once you’ve discovered the right combination, you’ve struck brand marketing gold! 


Advertising and Marketing to Muslims in the Digital Age can be a cost effective and lucrative way to reach consumers globally. Increasing brand awareness, introducing high quality products or services to the growing market and strategically investing resources into the appropriate mediums will allow businesses to tap into this largely untouched and untapped market.

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