The new norm will be rolled out progressively from June. A list of the goods that will be required to be certified will be released soon.

São Paulo – Halal certification will be mandatory for some food products in Algeria. The new rules will be rolled out gradually as of June, news agency Algérie Presse Service (APS) reported this Tuesday (2). A list of the products that will be required to be certified will be issued soon, according to the director-general of the Algerian Institute of Standardization (Ianor), Djamel Hales.

For foreign-made products, according to APS, halal certification will need to be issued by organizations accredited in their countries, and recognized by an Algerian monitoring committee for halal certification and labeling, composed of officials from the ministries of Trade, Agriculture, Industry, Health, and Religious Affairs, as well as from other government bodies.

Halal foods are those produced in accordance with Islamic tradition. Certification is carried out by dedicated organizations.

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