TEHRAN – The 11th national exhibition on hijab and dignity is being held at Tehran’s Shahr-e Aftab Fairground.

The event, which opened on May 3 and runs through May 13, follows the aim of making people acquainted with Iranian-Islamic products, Fars quoted Hamid Qobadi, the secretary of the working group on fashion and cloths as saying.
The exhibition is being held simultaneous with the 30th International Book Fair -Iran’s most important cultural and social event – in order to provide facilities for people to have easier access to the exhibition, Qobadi noted.
Meetings are being held on the sidelines of the exhibition to introduce the achievements of the Iranian-Islamic clothing industry, he said, adding that special books on hijab and dignity are being exhibited.
A reference book on fashion and cloths has been highly welcomed by the visitors, he noted.
Originally published on www.tehrantimes.com
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