Sano mosque was renewed!

“Sano” where Muslims with various backgrounds, such as study abroad, work, traveling, gather together.
Here in Sano city, the religious Darussalam corporation took the initiative, and the mosque was renewed this time.
Since it is located within walking distance from the station, we can say it’s very convenient.

You can join the Open Mosque Event!

An open mosque event will be held on Sano Mosque on Sunday, July 23rd.

Contents are below
“Tour of the mosque”
“Tasting of Indonesian cuisine”
“Experience of Hijab and Pray”
“Study Group of Islam and Muslim” etc.

“スクリーンショット” 2017-07-12 22.57.31

As you can participate for free on the day,
If you have time,why do not you visit by all means?

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