Explore the endless beauty in Wakayama Castle area

Writer: Mufiedah Hadi

Japan has so many castle, and Wakayama Castle is one of it. Just like the others, Wakayama castle has the unique style of Japanese Castle. However, here in Wakayama you’ll see an exquisite scenery that you won’t see every day!

First, I’ll share my itinerary:
06.32 am leaving for Wakayama from Tennoji Station with Kishuji Rapid Service train.
07.51 Arrived at Wakayama station, and we switched line to Kisei Line and going to Wakayamashi Station.
We arrived at Wakayamashi Station, and continue our journey to Wakayama Castle by walking. We use maps application to show us the way. During our walk we found some cool places, so we took a picture there.


We arrived at Wakayama Castle, and it is super large. It’s more like park complex. Here I’ll show you the Castle’s area Map.

map of wakayama castle

First, we’re going to nishinomaru-teien garden. it’s a beautiful place. and it’s FREE!!

nishinomaru teien

magical pond

As you can see, it’s super magical right? well to be honest, it’s even more beautiful when you see it with your own eyes.

After taking some pictures me and my friend went to the Castle. It’s free for seeing around or taking picture in front of the Castle.

wakayama castle

If you want to go inside the castle you have to pay 410 JPY for adults (as for children usually it’ll charged half price from adult price, but I forgot the exact price).

ticket and wakayama castle

Inside of the castle they have an exhibition and explaination about the castle’s history, etc. For information, this castle doesn’t provide you an English explanation. So, everything is written in Japanese only.

As for me, because I’ve never been going to the inside of the castle, I paid 410 JPY and going inside.
As far as I could remember you can’t take a picture inside of the castle (exhibition area). They only let you to take a picture when you’re in the castle’s rooftop. Here’s some photos that I took from the rooftop.

view from wakayama castle

panorama from wakayama castle

If you’re looking a place to do a prayer, near the Castle complex there’s a public park. In public park they also have toilet. It’s a quite park, so you can pray peacefully.


park and prayer mats

You can enjoy all of these exquisite scenery by only paying for the transportation fee. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the place to pray. So, will you go to Wakayama Castle?

Wakayama castle

3, Ichibancho, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
Year-end and new-year

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