As 2017 comes to an end, we’re trying to see if we can still accomplish the goals we set at the beginning of the year. With students wrapping up finals week, some are applying to jobs that match their major, while others are looking for anything to get work experience.

Regardless of what your major is, an internship at an emerging startup within the rapidly growing Muslim market is a great opportunity:

  1. Real world experience in any field is hard to gain when there is no prior work experience to build on, and an internship is an excellent chance to contribute to a growing industry and gain experience for future opportunities.
  2. While internships at large companies are known for their perks, much of the work that is delegated to interns is never seen outside of the company itself. The projects that will be completed here will be visible to customers and clients, and contribute to your professional accomplishments.
  3. Interns at Muslim growing startups will be able to learn from and collaborate on several innovative projects, and are part of the rapidly expanding Muslim economy spanning a variety of sectors including advertising + media. While many people still incorrectly assume that it’s a niche demographic that is not worth marketing to, the global and national numbers are now too large to dismiss.
  4. For those who are competitive by nature, this internship will be challenging as well. With a small team and multiple projects, interns will learn how to manage and multi-task assignments of different priorities, without losing sight of the bigger picture and the most important goals for the company.
  5. With the internet connecting all of us, this role will also be based wherever you are, not wherever the office is. As video conferencing solutions have advanced over the past decade, it is now feasible for co-workers to communicate across multiple time zones as necessary. This means less time spent in traffic, and more time getting things done.

If these 5 reasons sound appealing and you’re looking to join an opportunity within the Muslim market with one of the leading Muslim companies (Muslim Ad Network), please apply now to our internship program by clicking below: 

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