Take Away Service at Three Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

Sometimes we don’t have much time to enjoy dining in, that makes needs of take away (or called “take out” in Japanese) service increasing.

Restaurants in Japan mostly receive take away order through two ways :
1. A phone call, or
2. customer come directly to restaurant

However, there is a time when customer don’t know the menu, or restaurants need time to prepare the order especially on busy hour.
Here are some important points in put a take away order from these three halal restaurants in Tokyo.

Halal CoCoICHI Akihabara

The largest curry shop in Japan opened their halal shop in Akihabara a couple time ago that gained great reaction both from domestic and overseas.



※All menu available for take away
※There is no delivery, so you need to pick up your order.
※If you want to put take away order through phone call but don’t know the menu, shop’s staffs will kindly assist you by explaining the menu, or you can check their halal menu here beforehand.

More about Halal CoCoICHI Akihabara :

Halal Gourmet Japan : https://www.halalgourmet.jp/restaurant/202472

Ginza Itsuki

The first halal tendon shop throughout Japan, located in the most high-class area in Tokyo, Ginza.



※ Menu available for take away :

※ Avoid make a call or come to the restaurant between 15.00~17.00 as it is restaurant’s break hour
※ Same as CoCoICHI, there is no delivery and you need to pick up your order
※ In dining in menu, your order will be served together with chawanmushi (steamed egg custard ) and prickles, but for take away order there is no chawanmushi nor prickles.

More about Ginza Itsuki :

Halal Gourmet Japan :

The Manhattan Fish Market

Halal American food restaurant that is newly opened in Shibuya.



※ Same as other two restaurants, there is no delivery and you need to pick up your order
※ All menu are available for take away, except soup/chowder

More about Manhattan Fish Market :

Halal Gourmet Japan :

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